Millennials look upon travel as a chance to build their own adventure and immerse in experiences. However, the hassle of planning dampens the fun out of travelling. As well, a change in the travel industry was observed. People like customized itineraries that they can build by themselves and prefer more spontaneous trips. We were invited to co-create a mobile app concept and visual identity in response to the changing focus of the travel industry.

The WanderWonder travel app was created as a travel personal assistant to allow users to retain the control of itinerary planning but takes care of the ‘wondering’ for them. By selecting preferred activities and places of interest, a daily itinerary will be built, complete with transit details and booking options. The app helps you to make the best of your travel experience by identifying routes and gaps in your schedule and suggesting programmes, activities or places that matches your timeslot or interest.

Finding you the best way there

WanderWonder connects you from location to location.

A concierge for tickets and reservations

Book tickets or make reservations straight through the WanderWonder App.

Explore and Save Locations

Discover more locations via WanderWonder.

Push Notifications & Saved Information

Catering information and functionality to facilitate your experience.

The brand identity was designed to a sense of playfulness to communicate the app’s intention of removing hassle so one can focus on experiencing. Movement and flow are emphasised in the logo with the choice of rounder typography, colour palette as well as the elongated stem of letter ‘w’ and displacement of letter ‘a’. A motif, called the meander, was designed from the letter ‘w’ for other brand application.