Visit NDC is a tour programme held for public, foreign guests, and primary school students. We were asked to create a design-centric activity in the form of an interactive station for National Design Centre’s (NDC) in-house exhibition – Fifty Years of Singapore Design. This activity booth had to engage visitors, especially children, and relay design principles to them in a fun way.

Taking a simple concept of design composition, we designed an activity to teach the concept of foreground, middle-ground and background with the use of an iconography stamp set created from elements of the exhibition. Visitors can relate to the objects that they have just seen at the exhibition and create a takeaway card for themselves while learning a simple principle of design.

Background: Pattern Stamps

Four options of patterns were created from locally designed products from the Singapore Airline Kebaya, furniture design and other products.

Middle-ground: Iconography Stamps

Local design significant to Singapore ranging from architecture, to fashion, product design and more were turned into stamps to be composed against the background.

Foreground: Typography

Lastly, visitors can complete their artwork with typography with a message about design.

Visitors were given a card that could be split into two sides, one (with the empty face for the activity) as keep sake and the other as a postcard to be mailed out to friends. They were guided to a station with simple instructions and stamps organized by type. Guiding slots were also created to help visitors align the stamps on their cards.