The Tourism Industry Conference is a key industry event attracting over 1000 attendees from tourism related industries such as hotels, attractions and tour operators. Positioned as the industry’s leading event to share ideas and foster relationships, we were asked to create a delegate experience to facilitate STB’s role in championing innovation in the field under the theme of ‘Building Tourism For The Future’.

We provided an end-to-end solution where we create a seamless experience for delegates–from registration to post-event. The scope included the visuals, pre-event registration & Communication, wayfinding and spatial layout, audio visual lighting & event management as well as post event video production.

Pre-arrival: Registration & Invitation

Registration was conducted via an email invitation and through a microsite, allowing the team to have live updated numbers for planning purposes.

On-arrival: Registration

The on-arrival registration system utilises ipads to quickly scan QR codes sent to the delegate emails for entry, minimizing bottlenecks.

Conference: Immersive AVL experience

A long fully digital backdrop gave the flexibility of content display and creates an immersive and changeable background for the event to suit different segments of the programme.

Showcase: Content Display & Networking

As part of the event, an area was designed to showcase relevant content and facilitate networking.

Visitor Experience: Spatial & Visual Design

To facilitate wayfinding and programmatic needs, key visuals was applied strategically across various points to connect delegates seamlessly across the event venue.

Visitor communication

Mobile/ online channels were applied during the event to ensure delegates had a constant way of communication, participation and networking.

Documentation: Photography & Videography

Event photography, event recording, and videography was executed so that STB has the flexibility of creating a post-event experience.

The event was branding simply through colours and form, to provide a basic recognition for wayfinding. Simple prism shaped units form the core visual element of the event’s identity, using a pattern to create directional gradients. Starting from a dark red and ending in white, the colours are used to draw one’s eye upwards with an uplifting effect, a visual take on the conference theme, a forward or rather an upward looking perspective.