When Fujifilm Business Innovation approached us to market colour swatches from their latest Revoria Production Press during the global pandemic, we asked ourselves: ‘How could we demonstrate the print capabilities to the print leaders when everyone is confined to their homes, and at the same time, engage with the print?’

Through our research of the demographics in the print industry, we identified them to be in a similar life stage, parents or grandparents of young children, and saw an opportunity to delight these print operators using something familiar from their childhood – pop-up books. We envisioned this book to rekindle the spirit of print in print businesses and the graphic design community, and reminded them of why print is loved in the first place.

Featuring six distinctive animals in the African wilderness, the fantastical pop-up book was designed to captivate and enthrall people of all ages. Despite being a pop-up book, it maintained the integrity of a colour swatch book with perforated tearable swatch samples to facilitate easy colour shortlist selection. As one flipped the page, and the pop-up unfolds, the angled surfaces would catch light, the reader would be captivated by the metallic and non-metallic colours produced by Fujifilm’s Revoria Press series.