The owners behind Envy Coffee came to us with a need for a new F&B concept. Located in a commercial district with high lunchtime crowd, they saw benefits in repositioning the café with a stronger focus on food in the form of freshly baked croissants as full meals. We took on the role as a consultant and developed a brand strategy and visual identity for the café.

Based on user journey study of the office crowd in the area and consideration on the seat to people ratio of restaurants in the area, a takeaway concept was proposed to capture the working audience with hectic lifestyles.

To visually convey the takeaway concept, the visual identity was designed to be fresh and lively, and seek to communicate a quick ‘pick me up’ to the audience. The café was renamed as The Croissandwich Shop and collaterals were designed to capture the chef’s intention for the croissant creations to be seen as full hearty meals.