Steeping Conversations is a modern reinterpretation of a traditional Southeast Asian gifting of symbolic memento keepsake designed to illustrate Fujifilm’s commitment to a partnership for holistic print solutions.

When FUJIFILM presented a request to show appreciation to their Southeast Asian customers of their unwavering commitment, we asked ourselves, how should we create a keepsake that reinforced this unwavering commitment?

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To emphasise on their message of dedication, we decided to develop a Nanyang-inspired tea set. Containing 4 distinctly shaped tea capsules with different flavoured-tea profiles, the packaging engaged the receiver in retrieving the tea with hand gestures that represented FUJIFILM’s dedication to offering services beyond being a print supplier. From the exterior of the pinewood box to the inner tray containing the capsules to unravelling each of them, the whole process sought to be an art of its own.

The 4-flavoured tea and capsules were carefully chosen and designed with different types of fold respectively. As one unravelled each capsule, it symbolised four characteristics of unwavering commitment and support towards their customers.

Pu’er – A rich tea with a hint of earthy flavour

Discover the taste of time with a tea that can take up to 15 years to achieve a deep flavour. Slow down. Take time to dislodge each ‘petal’ and savour a tea with a depth and understanding only time can bring, in the same way that partnerships brew over time.

White Peony – A light and floral fragrance with a malt undertone

Support and cradle the packaging with care. Then, gently tug on the string to loosen the knot. Swaddled inside is a serving of the most delicate of all Chinese teas, White Peony, made from unopened buds. With the same intricacy, we commit to support your business.

Tie Guan Yin – A refreshing and light tea with a flowery aroma

Journey across the angular and textured contours of the packaging as you search for the opening and pry it open. Inside awaits a tea with a story of patience and an aroma of sweet perseverance – like the reward of long-term partnerships.

Nanyang Tea – A smooth and luscious flavour with a bold finish

Cultivate attention as you enjoy a flavour that permeates in Bak Kut Teh. This Nanyang tea, Renowned Unknown Fragrance, is a local creation with a strong and expressive fragrance that speaks for itself. We, too, bring innovation to cultivate unique legacies in your business.

With this gift set, it not only allowed the customers to keep it, it enabled FUJIFILM’s salesperson to generate a business conversation through sitting down and unravelling the tea packaging with them.