SNACK by Income is a new approach to insurance, where users can accumulate bite-sized insurance triggered by spending of our daily lifestyle. We were approached to design a booth to sell the product through experiences for a lasting impression on visitors and drive product engagement.

The idea behind the design was to create slices of daily life that visitors could experience in relation to the product. The design focused on creating spaces that allowed visitors’ movement into the space organically to explore these experiences, and at the same time, creating opportunities for NTUC Income employees to engage with visitors on product discussion.

The layout takes reference from the position of the booth in relation to the entire hall. The circulation informs the booth’s vantage points and high value positions. Based on programmatic touchpoints, 6 zones were created for the booth.

To invite visitors to come in to understand a new product, the booth is shifted inwards to create a welcoming front.

To balance out the space, the units are shifted and positioned to create a central focus suggesting a flow of experience.

The form is them rotated to capture the vantage points of the entire exhibition hall, considering main traffic flow, surrounding programmes, etc.

The unit blocks are then shifted to create a throughflow.

The blocks are staggered to create a more welcoming vantage point.

The booth was created to have 6 different areas and was anchored by 4 everyday experiences, demonstrating the accumulation of insurance coverage through public transport (Tap & Cover), retail (Shop & Cover), sports (Play & Cover) and buying a cup of coffee (Drink & Cover). At the core of the booth was a product demonstration and explanation area supported by a discussion/ networking area.