The Singapore Bicentennial aimed to unveil the events and defining moments that contributed to the island’s transformation from as far back as 1299. A call for proposal for an exhibition was conducted to convey the history of Singapore in a manner that was impactful, immersive and educational.

Our concept was centred on the objective of immersing visitors in various points of our history; to “personally” experience and feel the takeaway lessons we’ve accumulated over the years as a country. To develop an experiential journey catered to varying visitors, a user-centric research derived 5 archetypes of visitors who engage with content differently at exhibitions.


They prefer a more free and easy experience where they will spend longer duration lingering and discovering details.


They prefer a prescribed route and emphasis on their companion’s enjoyment. They also prefer to have aids (e.g. apps, collaterals).


They are looking for in-depth engagement with specific topics that resonate with them.


They are looking for different experiences, and are looking to be awed, surprised and are often social with their experiences.


They are looking for inspirations, and engagement with the content. They hope for a sense of enlightenment.

The highly interactive exhibition was designed to engage with audience at different levels. From an immersive first person projection mapping video experience, to up-close investigation on details through 3d models and interactive tables, to recreated settings coupled with mix media interaction to first person method actors, the varied experience was curated into a rhythm of highs and lows, to position visitors within the context of our history.