Read!Fest 2023, an initiative of the National Library Board (NLB) launched an island-wide campaign to promote engagement in the festival.


We were tasked to design the festival’s visual communication aimed at captivating and attracting visitors and responding to the theme ‘Flourish’, inspiring visitors to realise how self, relationship with others and society can improve together.

We reflected the theme flourish with the idea of growth and sprout which symbolises the original point of personal development.


Dynamic overlaid layers of ‘sprouting’ visuals were created as key motifs and applied across festival posters and collaterals to create visual experience. The visual experience was applied to the curated stations where visitors make choices to collect and bind everything into a scrapbook.


Motif representing the self. The original point of growth.


Motif representing relationship with others, where growth is manifested through bonding with others.


Motif representing flourishing within a society, where relationships thrive collectively.

In three delightful weeks, we received positive feedback and participation from visitors of all demographics, who learned and experienced the idea of flourishing in multiple ways.


The vibrant festival visuals effortlessly enticed and welcomed visitors from afar. The approach of collecting collaterals through visiting different segments/stations provided a personalised experience for visitors, making their takeaway both engaging and meaningful.