Re-route: Little India 2022 was a way to unveil the hidden treasures within the lesser-explored corners of Little India. We wanted to showcase the characteristics and personality of the places and streets that are often overlooked by many. It was an opportunity to encourage people to immerse themselves in its diverse and vibrant culture beyond what they have experienced.

To inspire exploration that extends beyond the usual tourist destinations, we guided visitors along lesser used routes to undiscovered corners in Little India by utilizing prominent installations. Tailoring experiences for families and spontaneity enthusiasts alike, our diverse activities aimed to enhance the area’s historical significance, creating an engagement among the communities.

Our strategy to get visitors to know Little India better involved having a balance of structured organization and freedom for exploration. We provided structured experiences like food tours and workshops for those seeking guidance, while also incorporating participatory installations and merchandise to enhance engagement and deepen understanding of the area’s historical heritage for those who want to venture freely. Over three weekends, we introduced Little India to over 21,000 visitors.