The youth focused wing of People’s Association, PAYM organizes an annual youth competition series to engage youths at various interests. The event series was well received in the previous few editions and we were commissioned to create a standalone identity for Pulse! from the 2020 edition onwards.

To engage youths, the Pulse! team works closely with youth interest groups such as sports, dance, e-games and possibly others in the future. Drawing from that understanding, the visual identity needed to be strong and bold to create brand recognition, changeable and dynamic to cater to different event types and accessible for multiple partners to adopt the brand.

The character of brand identity is created to be active, energetic, and youthful. Red is chosen as the main colour of the brand as a subtle tie back to People’s Association’s brand. It is complemented in a contrasting colour palette of black and white together with a image filter treatment that resembles a static pulse. This static pulse treatment is also adopted by the logo. These visually represents the youthful energy pulsating through the event series.