We needed to design an identity that was flexible to accommodate our expanded multidisciplinary capabilities and address the challenging task of explaining our united belief in the invisible research and feasibility process behind our works.

The rebrand repositioned our trio into PLUS GROUP, keeping the Plus name as a design-driven end-to-end solution provider above 3 companies with different focuses. The brand features a catchy tagline ―Curate, Capture, Construct that acts as an elevator pitch to simply easily convey to clients that we curate information, capture audiences, and construct experiences, summing up our feasibility and research process in a concise and memorable manner.

The new brand emphasised our structured methodology. This is what sets us apart and the folio is a key piece of collateral that makes that process visible. The impact of the process can be most clearly felt during the completion phase of the project but often forgotten once time has passed. The folio captures that moment and makes it memorable that can be shared between clients’ teams.