In 2017, STB released a new destination brand, “Passion Made Possible” that celebrates the story of Singapore’s ingenuity. We were asked to introduce the new brand to stakeholders through an event that could help them understand how the brand applies.

To engage visitors to understand the refreshed brand that revolved around 6 pillars of passion, we utilized the concept of synesthesia and curated an immersive cross sensory night of experiences. We featured 12 collaboration showcases fronted by creatives from different fields; from cooking to music, from art to fashion and more to represent the different facets of passion in Singapore.

Setting Up Circulation

The site of experience has a single entryway which set the basis of curating the experience.

Bring in the Experiences

There were 12 experiences that needed to be placed into site, each designed to immerse visitors into a different understanding of the brand.

Framing the brand launch

A prelude foyer space was created as teaser to visitors entering the space prior to the launch, and a main launch area was included to give highlight on the brand launch.

Drawing the audience deeper

Making use of the given space, the launch area was deepened to draw visitors deeper into the launch experience.

Adding the element of surprise

Prior to launch of the brand, the 12 experiences were hidden behind a curtain which was dramatically dropped to signify a change in the direction of the brand.

Experiencing the brand

Visitors were invited to explore the 12 experiences surrounding the launch area which was reserved for stakeholders to mingle and network.

As the attendees were tourism industry stakeholders such as hoteliers, attraction operators, tour operators and others, the event was designed to empower their imagination to see a multitude of varied perspectives of Singapore as a destination and in turn drive their marketing narrative.