Did you know that Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) is not just about outdoor adventures? By immersing participants in nature and challenging environments, OBS cultivates values and helps youth unlock their inner potential to become active citizens contributing to society. We were tasked with developing brand assets to creatively communicate the spirit of OBS and creating a detailed brand kit to exemplify their core values.

OBS educators speak from the heart, sharing lessons learned from nature. We embrace the concept of Nature Calibrated in our brand language to foster conversations about connection between the inner self and a broader natural world, positioning OBS as an institution that shapes character and promotes growth through nature.

As a result of this rebrand, every element of the brand kit serves as a testament to the profound connection between people and nature, solidifying OBS’s status as a facilitator of life-altering adventures. It visually represents the deep enthusiasm of OBS instructors and enhances their pride in the work they do.