The Innovation Re:Mix Forum is Fujifilm’s key industry conference for leaders in business transformation and workforce innovation. We were asked to find a creative solution to enable Fujifilm Singapore to showcase the metallic capabilities of the Iridesse™ Production Press at the forum.

In order to feature the metallic printing properties of the Iridesse™ Production Press, we created collection of jewellery pieces inspired by different natural habitat, featuring iridescent gem- like insects that are made almost entirely of paper printed by Fujifilm printers.

Leafy Habitat: PrimeLinkTM C9065/C9070

The Insecta iridesse of orange hue, Carnelian, lives in a leafy environment also known as the Botanical Hues. The orange bodied creature rests on vibrant gradated colours of blue, green and yellows produced by the PrimeLinkTM C9065/C9070.

Stone Habitat: Monochrome High Speed B9 Series Production Press

The insecta Iridesse of green hue, Emeraude, thrives in a stone environment also known as the Monochrome Mystique. The different intensity of black stones ranging from 30% K to 100% K are printed by the monochrome high Speed B9 Series Production Press.

Web Habitat: IridesseTM Production Press

The Insecta Iridesse of purple hue, Amethystos, lives within structured web habitats known as the Crown of Iridesse. Gold, silver, and white strands of the webstructures are spun by the IridesseTM Production Press

The 3 dimensional form of the jewellery pieces surprised guests, and intrigued them to take a closer look at the print effects. This sparked their imagination of the machine’s possibilities and created a conversation starter for Fujifilm representatives to discuss the capabilities of the Iridesse™ Production Press and other supporting printing capabilities with corporate consumers.