Fujifilm wanted to showcase and market their Iridesse Production Press. Its specialty ink can give prints a metallic sheen that mimics that of metal. The question is, how can we do it in a way that is unexpected, memorable, and get people excited enough to talk about it even after a showcase?

A colour swatch is how one would normally present/introduce a new metallic ink; not us. We disrupted the way colours and printing methods are presented by showcasing the metallic print effects in the form of 3D iridescent gem-like jewellery pieces and completely reimagined the colour swatch into a fictional story documenting the findings of these gem-like insects, letting us showcase the different print effects like never before.

We challenged the industry norm of producing a normal colour swatch and disrupted the way colours and printing methods are presented. We managed to not only showcase and market Fujifilm’s Iridesse Production Press, but we also surpassed what a traditional colour swatch could do. We turned a normal, boring colour swatch into something fantastical, and one that visitors, buyers, and vendors want to interact with. Perhaps more importantly, we challenged and demonstrated to potential buyers that the machine and the ink’s capabilities are only limited by one’s imagination.