We were asked to develop a new printer sales kit for the launch of Revoria Press printer that was able to communicate the printer as a versatile equipment packed with multiple functions and finishings that could cater to different users’ printing needs.

Using the ingredients bar of a burger joint where the option of having “all the works” is available to you no matter the choice you make, we explore the printer’s all-encompassing features that makes it an equipment of choice for different users and purposes.


From runny eggs to fresh green lettuce to juicy tomatoes, the sales kit uses these everyday food items to generate a conversation about the vibrancy, textured detail and finishings of the print. Imagining the sales kit into a burger investigates the use of red and green dominant outputs, covering a range of opposite vibrant colours typically needed in print communications.

The sales kit was given out at the launch of the printer. The visitors were curious about the burger and even were invited to participate to “make their own burger” which carries the message that the printers wide ranging capabilities are able to cater to one’s own preferences and needs. The various outputs and paper stocks explored the range of vibrant outputs in different forms.