To mark the launch of the new destination brand, ‘Passion Made Possible’, we were commissioned to create a photography artwork that embodies the concept of passion in Singapore. The photography artwork was to be displayed at the launch event of the brand and would be a primer, conveying the tonality of the brand as a teaser to the unveiling.

Everyday Heroes is a series of portraits depicting everyday Singaporeans in the context of their work environment. Beyond the skyscrapers, beyond the fancy hotels, and beyond the pristine gardens, these are the people who represents the real Singapore. This is the pulsating energy that defines who we truly are. We celebrate the sweat, blood, and grime, because this is proof of the passion that exists in everyday life, in everyday occupations; we present an unvarnished Singapore.

Foreground: The Working Plane

The context of passion is established with tools of the trade in the foreground.

Middleground: The Personality of Passion

Framed in the centre of the shot, is the personality behind the passion. Sandwiched between the foreground subject and the background context, the story behind the passion is formed.

Background: The context

A supporting layer behind the personality that further emphasize the context passion.

A series of 84 portraits was created to showcase the collect spirit of Singapore. The series was exhibited as a photo wall that lined the entrance of the launch event area of STB’s campaign ‘Passion Made Possible’ as a hint to the brand before the unveil. This was also later used at other international launches of the brand.