Singapore Tourism Board was looking to create a map series that would encourage visitors to explore Singapore’s cultural precincts. We were given the brief to design the series with the flexibility of adding other precinct maps and to consider self-funding of these maps through ads by the respective precinct associations.

With emphasis on storytelling of the precinct, a matrix was first designed to guide the content and graphic application to consider future expansion of the series. The structured approach also guided the application of advertising content and pricing without sacrifice on the precinct storytelling.


Designed as a collage made of architecture, plants, and elements associated to the individual precinct, the cover is designed to suggest an exploration physically, culturally, and historically.

Essential information

These panels give visitors immediate and functional information – a brief summary about the place and information on how to get there.

Explore more

These panels reveal other cultural neighbourhoods they can visit if they are interested to continue exploring cultures in Singapore.

Cultural background of Precinct

These panels contain more information about the history and culture of the site as well as local foods that can be found within the precinct.

Options to Explore

Suggested routes, recommended listing by categories and some highlights are included on this panel to help visitors decide how they might want to discover the precinct.


The back of the map completes the front cover to form the full collage of the area.

The vibrant collaged cover conveyed the precinct’s distinct characteristics and attracted the attention of visitors. With the unfolding sequence of the map, the audience is brought into a journey of the precinct and the stories behind. The map unfolded into options for exploration, with timed routes that visitors can select according to their interest and schedules or pick from the listing accompanying the map.